Easy Forms of Financial Assistance

you may help the Madrasah at your own ease through the following ways and get a great reward in the Akhirat.
» Education for the orphan.
» Books
» Medicines
» Clothes and Quilts.
» Mat and Furniture.
» Safen, Mats for Mosque of Madrasa.
» Electricity and Telephone Bill.
» Fuel Wood
» Foods and Breakfast for Guest.
» Foods and Breakfast for Children

How To Donate

People who wish to send their charity, Zakat Sadqat And Lillah etc in order to complete the projects of Jamia Ummahatul Mumineen Lilbanat, Pathargarh Distt. panipat either should give directly to the safir and take the receipt or should send by money order, draft, and cheque. Insha Allah Receipt will sent to them after receiving the amount.
Write on draft or cheque only this: Jamia Ummahatul Mumineen Lilbanat Society

Bank Detail

Under Construction Projects