A Brief Introducation Of Jamia

Panipat (Haryana) is a historical place in India, There was no Madarsa or Islamic Institute for Girls in this historical town where Muslim Girls can get their Islamic Education such as Nazrah Quran Karim, Hifz or Aalmiyat Course. Since long a Madarsa was under consideration for the upliftment of girls with Islamic, Oriental and Modern Education. So that the ladies may live Islamic and scientific knowledge Simultaneously. Because only well Educated lady may bring up an intelligent people.
Keeping this goal in his mind , with the help of Encouragement and contribution of Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Asadullah Sahab, Director of Jamia Ummahatul Mumineen Lilbanat, Amethi and after consulting religious and social figures formed a society mainly, Janasheen Shaikhul Islam Hazrat Maulana Syad Arshad Madni Sahab (President Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind) and Hazrat Maulana Noorul Hassan Rahid Sahab Kandhalwi, Janab Maulana Amjad Madeeji Sahab Qasmi made up his mind to begin a Islamic Institute in the memory of Hazrat Alhaj Hakim Abdul Majeed Sahab R.A. for girls education in their region named Jamia Ummahatul Mumineen Lilbanat, Patharghar. In this session year a total number of girls 255 getting their Islamic education under various courses in Jamia. In which 155 students are day scholar and 70 student are hostelers whose all necesseray like living, fooding etc are managed by Jamia. There are well management for 12th class recognized with Haryana Education Board in Jamia as well Islamic Studies like Nazrah, Hifz, Urdu, Deeniyat, Aalmiyat

Education for women and its importance

Women play important roles in any nation or society. Goodness of women is the base for goodness of a nation or society. Therefore, Islam has given full importance on building the characters of women, for the lap of a mother is the first learning and training place for baby born. This is so effective learning place that it inculcates the lessons in mind and heart thoroughly. The children are the assets of any nation. The guaranty of developing and building of nation only can be given when the new generations are well-built and educated. If mother is following Islamic characteristics and educations, definitely, she will teach her child the same.
Therefore, importance of education for women is not lesser than the importance of education of men in Islam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) had the habit of addressing men and women in his general public address. And sometimes, the Prophet held majlis to address the women in order to teach and train them in a special way.
Women of qarn awwal have contributed greatly in preaching and spreading the message of Islam. The history has the record that first to accept Islam was a woman named Hazrat Khadijah (peace be upon her). And the first to get martyred as punishment in accepting Islam was the woman i.e. Hazrat Sumayya, the mother of Hazrat Ammar (peace be upon the both). She had got martyred because of spear thrown by Abu Jehal, before her, no one got martyred.
This even is also very famous that Hazrat Umar (peace be upon him) accepted Islam because of his sister Hazrat Fatmah bin Al Khattab (peace be upon her). It is also the history that when it was order for migration, women also migrated with men in order to protect their faith and belief and then those noble women took part in jihad But, these days, women are going away from Islamic sirah and education as well as symbols of Islam, the real reason behind is to be unaware of Islamic faiths, beliefs, education and sirah.
For this very purpose to educate women, Jamiah Ummul Momineen Lil Banat has been established. It has five year Arabic Almiat course. Only those girl students can get admission in the Jamiah who have completed Nazrah and know how to read and write. Admission is taken after passed in test. It is necessary to have contact before for admission, and admission will be taken if possible.

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